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Structural Engineering & Mechanics

Program Coordinator:
Dr. Sanjay Arwade, 

The Structural Engineering and Mechanics (SEM) Program conducts multidisciplinary research to improve the safety and  performance of the world's infrastructure, develop sustainable and green building technology, and analyze the mechanical behavior of solids.  Our research consists of experiments conducted in the SEM Research Facilities (Gunness Structural Engineering Laboratory and Robert B. Brack Structural Testing Facility), in the field, and computational and analytical work conducted with the aid of in-house computational facilities. Computational resources include state-of-the-art software, multi-processor shared-access workstations and access to the 608 processor "Cyclops" cluster computer environment. Experimental testing of large-scale structural elements, on-site instrumentation, small-component testing, and materials research is available.

Both Master's and Doctoral degrees are awarded by SEM, and a variety of graduate courses are offered in support of these degree programs.  The course offerings have significant depth and breadth in design of concrete and steel structures, supported by offerings in analytical and numerical structural mechanics. 

Graduates of the SEM program have excellent opportunities for obtaining rewarding and challenging employment in structural engineering. In general, graduates have been employed by private consulting engineering firms and in state and federal agencies, industry and universities.