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EWRE Equipment & Instrumentation

A wide range of instrumentation is available in the laboratories of the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Program on campus. Some of this equipment includes:

Process Testing Equipment

Equipment for Analysis of Microorganisms and for Biotechnology

Equipment for Trace Analysis of Organic Compounds

Equipment for Trace Analysis of Inorganic Compounds

Equipment for Sample Preparation


In addition, there are other state-of-the-art analytical instruments at the UMass-Amherst campus, which are available. For example, the campus mass spectrometry facility has a JOEL high resolution GC/MS which has been used by EWRE faculty on many occasions. The UMass NMR Facility has several Bruker NMR instruments, (AMX-II 500, DSX 300, MSL 300 and ASX 300) all of which are available for use by the EWRE program. In addition, there are full-time GC/MS and NMR research scientists who run the two facilities.