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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in CEE




The CEE Department recognizes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as crucial values to the CEE Department and the UMass Amherst mission. We strive for continual assessment and improvement of the department culture to promote the importance of these values. We will actively engage with students, staff, faculty, and alumni to identify and take actions to eliminate existing barriers in decision-making processes, resource allocation, and policies, leveraging resources from the broader DEI network. We value and encourage engagement with local communities and the broader discipline in outreach, education, and community-based research. Through these actions, we aim to create an inclusive, equitable, and respectful environment that maximizes academic and personal success for all members of our community.

What are we doing?

As a department we are continually striving to improve the culture of our department. We understand the importance of DEI in the profession, our personal lives, and communities. Diverse groups include the variety of individual perspectives and can therefore arrive at innovative solutions that benefit society at large. Open communication and awareness of individual and group perspectives are needed to raise our own understanding for engaging in making our environs better than we found them. To that end, the CEE DEI Committee is engaged in the following activities. These are the top actions we are addressing, but many other activities are ongoing at the departmental, college, and University levels. This list will be updated each semester with goals and progress. 


1. Reporting incidents of bigotry, racism or exclusion to UMass:

    University Climate Incident Report Form

2. General CoE and UMass Amherst resources:

    UMass Engineering Equity and Inclusion Office

    UMass Amherst Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

    Student Resources and Wellness complied by the CoE 

3. Minority resources:

    National Society of Black Engineers

    Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

    Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers

    Graduate Students of Color Association

4. Immigration resources

5. Legal and economic resources

6. Disability resources

   UMass Amherst Accessibility

7. Gender and sexuality resources

    Society of Women Engineers

    Graduate Women in STEM

    Out in STEM

    UMass Amherst Stonewall Center

    UMass Amherst Center for Women and Community

8. Teaching and Mentoring Resources

9. Mental health resources

    UMass Center for Counseling and Psychological Health

    UMass resources for international students not in the US/MA                            during pandemic who cannot get 1:1 counseling service due to                          medical license issue:

        ○ Expanded drop-in “Let’s talk” sessions, including ones                   specifically for international students

        ○ Workshops, some that repeat and others that are unique

        ○ Free mindfulness tools and groups, as well as a course               that should be offered again in Spring 2021

        ○ The 24 hour suicide and crisis supports are still available

    International resources for international students not in the          US/MA during pandemic who cannot get 1:1 counseling service

        ○ International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP)             crisis centers in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America,                         Oceania and South America                            

        ○ iHope Network cognitive behavioral therapy from                         anywhere. Benefits of video therapy. Easy to do: No need               for travel. All you need is a device like a smart phone,                       tablet or laptop with a video camera, and an internet                       connection

10. Resolving conflicts

11. Professional organization resources

12. Recommended reading list

      A curated bibliography of readings, podcasts, and videos in        diversity, equity and inclusion by the UMass Library 

How will we be held accountable?

We welcome feedback, either via direct contact with the CEE DEI Committee member, or anonymous feedback. If you would like a direct reply, feel free to include contact information.

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