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CEE Academy of Distinguished Alumni

Our Mission

We value those committed to research, teaching, and practice in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering, we honor those who practice exemplary ethical behavior in all aspects of our profession and we recognize unique collaborations and support cooperative relationships among organizations committed to the advancement of scholarship and teaching of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


These awards recognize the outstanding contribution of the inductees to the Engineering profession, as judged by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Advisory Council and reviewed by current Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty.

*UMass Amherst degree

2019 Academy

Ronald J. Bartos, BSCE 1980*                   

David A. Bohn, BSCE 1978*, MSCE 1979* 

Francis A. DiGiano, BSCE 1964*   

Joseph Gill, BSCE 1983*

Robert L. Moylan Jr., BSCE 1970*

Craig N. Musselman, BSCE 1973*, MSCE 1974*  

Robert A. Weimar, BSCE 1972*

2017 Academy

Thomas C. Baillie, BSCE 1983*, M.S. 1989

James Chaney, BSCE 1979*, M.S., MBA 1987

Anatoly M. Darov, BSCE 1994*, MSCE 1996*, JD 2000

David R. Gaboury, BSCE 1976*, M.S. 1978

Gillian M. Gregory, BSCE 1980, MSCE 1982*, Ph.D. 1986*

Michael J. Hornbrook, BSCE 1979*

James Malley, BSCE 1988*, M.S. 1984*, Ph.D. 1988*

Robert T. Ratay, BSCE 1961*, M.S. 1962*, Ph.D. 1969*

2016 Academy

Daniel Adams, BSCE 1986*, M.S. 1988*

Dick Bedard, BSCE 1973*

Ruth Bonsignore, BSCE 1983*, MSCE 1994

Robert B. Brack, BSCE 1960*

Michael Chajes, BSCE 1984*, MSCE 1987, Ph.D. 1990

Stephen R. Kellogg, Sr., BSCE 1972*

Minhaj Kirmani, BSCE 1961, MSCE 1972*, Ph.D. 1976*

Roberto Leon, BSCE 1978*, MSCE 1979, Ph.D. 1983

William D. O'Neill, BSCE 1960* 

Richard D. Reardon, BSCE 1958*

Dwight A. Sangrey, MSCE 1964*

John P. Sullivan, Jr., BSCE 1972*

Robert D. Vanasse, BSCE 1968*

Paul Westerhoff, BSCE 1989, MSCE 1991*, Ph.D. 1995