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Vehicle longitudinal control and traffic stream modeling

TitleVehicle longitudinal control and traffic stream modeling
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsNi D, Leonard JD, Jia C, Wang J
JournalTransportation Science
Start Page1016
Pagination1016 - 1031
Date Published07/2015
Keywordscar following, fundamental diagram, mathematical modeling, traffic flow theory

A simple yet efficient traffic flow model, in particular one that describes vehicle longitudinal operational control and further characterizes a traffic flow fundamental diagram, is always desirable. Though many models have been proposed in the past with each having its own merits, research in this area is far from conclusive. This paper contributes a new model, i.e., the longitudinal control model, to the arsenal with a unique set of properties. The model is suited for a variety of transportation applications, among which a concrete example is provided in this paper.