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Torsional shear strength and size effect in laminated veneer lumber

TitleTorsional shear strength and size effect in laminated veneer lumber
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsYang B., Clouston PL, Arwade SR
JournalASTM Advances in Civil Engineering Materials
Start Page193
Date Published01/2014
Keywordslaminated veneer lumber, shear strength, size effect, torsion, wood composite

This study investigates the effect that specimen depth has on the torsional shear strength of full-size Eastern Species Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). Characterization of this effect is valuable for structural design purposes as well as for use in constitutive modeling when predicting member strength of one depth based on member strength of a different depth derived from testing. To this end, torsion tests were carried out on three depths (140, 184, and 235 mm) of 1.98 m long by 44 mm thick 1.9E Eastern Species LVL. The shear strength of each depth was determined based on homogeneous, orthotropic theory for beams of rectangular cross-section. Despite a perceptible trend of slightly decreasing shear strength with increasing depth, an analysis of variance test indicated that no statistically significant depth effect exists as it relates to torsional shear strength. Further, a three dimensional finite element model of the 44 mm by 140 mm specimen indicated that stresses are uniform within the shear span of 2 times the depth plus the grip distance away from each end of the specimen. The predicted average maximum shear stress in this region compared well to the maximum shear stresses obtained experimentally.