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Sustainable water resources management in a conflict resolution framework

TitleSustainable water resources management in a conflict resolution framework
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRyu JH, Palmer RN, Jeong S, Lee JHeon, Kim Y-O
Journal Journal of the American Water Resources Association
Start Page485
Date Published04/2009
Keywordsconflict resolution, drought, multi-criterion decision making, Simulation, sustainable water resources management, water conflict

A decision support system for sustainable water resources management in a water conflict resolution framework is developed to identify and evaluate a range of acceptable alternatives for the Geum River Basin in Korea and to facilitate strategies that will result in sustainable water resource management. Working with stakeholders in a “shared vision modeling” framework, sustainable management strategies are created to illustrate system tradeoffs as well as long-term system planning. A multi-criterion decision-making (MCDM) approach using subjective scales is utilized to evaluate the complex water resource allocation and management tradeoffs between stakeholders and system objectives. The procedures used in this study include the development of a “shared vision model,” a simulated decision-making support system (as a tool for sustainable water management strategies associated with water conflicts, management options, and planning criteria), and the application of MCDM techniques for evaluating alternatives provided by the model. The research results demonstrate the utility of the sustainable water resource management model in aid of MCDM techniques in facilitating flexibility during initial stages of alternative identification and evaluation in a basin suffering from severe water conflicts.