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Strategic thinking and risk attitudes in route choice

TitleStrategic thinking and risk attitudes in route choice
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsRazo M, Gao S
JournalTransportation Research Record Journal
Start Page28
Date Published12/2010

This research investigates route choice behavior in networks with risky travel times and real-time information. A stated preference survey is conducted. In it subjects use a PC-based interactive map to choose routes link by link in various scenarios. The scenarios include two types of maps: the first map presents a choice between one stochastic route and one deterministic route, and the second contains real-time information and an available detour. The first type of map measures the basic risk attitude of the subject. The second type allows for strategic planning and measures the effect of this opportunity on subjects' choice behavior. Results from each subject are analyzed to determine whether the subject planned strategically for the en route information or simply selected fixed paths from origin to destination. The full data set is used to estimate several choice models with expected travel times and standard deviations as explanatory variables. Estimation results are used to assess whether models that incorporate strategic behavior more accurately reflect route choice than do simpler path-based models.