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Recommended practice for full‐flow penetrometer testing and analysis

TitleRecommended practice for full‐flow penetrometer testing and analysis
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsDegroot DJ, Dejong JT, Yafrate N, Low H.E., Randolph MF
JournalGeotechnical Testing Journal
Start Page137
Date Published03/2010
KeywordsBall, CPT, full-flow, load cell design, remolded strength, Sensitivity, T-bar, Undrained strength

The increasing use of full-flow penetrometers for estimating the undrained and remolded shear strength as well as soil sensitivity of soft sediments by both industry and researchers has resulted in a rather rapid maturation of this new in situ test method over the past decade. Experimental, analytical, and numerical analysis results for full-flow penetrometers are now sufficient to provide recommended practices regarding equipment design, testing procedures, and data analysis. Equipment design must consider both physical attributes of the penetrometers and electronic design and data acquisition. The testing procedures presented are modified from standard test methods for the piezocone with additions for evaluation of remolded strength by cycling and rate effects through variable penetration rate testing. Data reduction includes methods for normalizing the penetration resistance data for comparison between test sites and depths and methods for estimating undrained and remolded shear strength as well as soil sensitivity. All recommendations are summarized in a guidance table.