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Prioritizing subwatersheds for stormwater pollution to Wachusett Reservoir

TitlePrioritizing subwatersheds for stormwater pollution to Wachusett Reservoir
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsCho K.H., Park M-H
JournalWater Environment Research
Start Page158
Date Published02/2013
Keywordshotspot analysis, prioritization, stormwater pollutants

The Wachusett Reservoir is a primary drinking water resource for the greater Boston, Massachusetts, area. With a drainage area of 280 km2, the watershed has been gradually urbanized with increased residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation land uses. Increased impervious surface area as a result of urbanization results in increased runoff volume and pollutant loads to the reservoir. This study estimated annual stormwater pollutant mass loads in the watershed to prioritize sub-basins and to identify areas susceptible to stormwater pollution. Catchment Prioritization Index (CPI) was calculated using annual stormwater pollutant mass loads, which were further used to identify clustered hotspots through application of the Getis-Ord Gi* statistic. Validation with observed data showed higher levels of fecal coliform bacteria loading from identified hotspots. This approach will be useful to prioritize sub-basins for future (1) development of stormwater monitoring strategies and (2) best management practices (BMPs) in the watershed.