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Physicochemical aspects of particle removal in depth filtration

TitlePhysicochemical aspects of particle removal in depth filtration
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1988
AuthorsTobiason JE, O'Melia CR
JournalJournal American Water Works Association
Start Page54
Date Published12/1988
KeywordsCalcium, Chemical suspensions, Chemicals, Colloids, filtration, Latex, Particle collisions, Particle interactions, Particle trajectories, Trajectories

The objectives of this work were to include chemical effects in the fundamental theories that describe the deposition of particles in granular media filters, to test the theories experimentally, and to use these results in assessing requirements for effective filtration and the capabilities of the process. In particular, the effects of changes in solution chemistry on the deposition of relatively large or non-Brownian particles are examined. Such particles are large enough, typically with diameters greater than 2-3 /um, that their transport is not significantly affected by Brownian diffusion.