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Operational and Safety-based Analyses of Varied Toll Plaza Configurations

TitleOperational and Safety-based Analyses of Varied Toll Plaza Configurations
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsMcKinnon IA, Knodler J.Michael A, Christofa E
Conference NameRoad Safety and Simulation–International Conference
Date Published10/2013
PublisherTetra Tech
Conference LocationRome, Italy

Toll plaza operation is a critical component of roadway operations throughout the United States, as tolls provide both a means of revenue for expansion and opportunity for demand management. Efforts to maximize vehicle throughput and reduce delay has led to the emergence of electronic toll collection (ETC), a paramount solution to congestion reduction at these major highway bottlenecks. While new payment collection strategies have arisen, traditional cash payments are generally still accepted. In turn, ETC has introduced a new form of driver decision making at toll plazas due to payment choices.