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Non-linear modeling parameters for jacketed columns used in seismic rehabilitation of RC buildings

TitleNon-linear modeling parameters for jacketed columns used in seismic rehabilitation of RC buildings
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAlvarez JC, Breña SF
JournalACI Special Publication 297- Seismic Assessment of Existing Reinforced Concrete Buildings – New Developments
Start Page1
Date Published03/2014

Rehabilitation of structures requires knowledge on the anticipated nonlinear behavior of building components. Column retrofitting using jackets made of different materials, designed to counter deficiencies in the original design, can be used to improve the overall performance of an existing building. This paper presents a procedure to obtain the backbone nonlinear response of jacketed columns based on existing experimental results for this class of elements. Column jacketing has been used in the past to increase ductility and strength of reinforced concrete columns. Jacket designs can be varied to selectively improve the lateral-load response of columns depending on the original design deficiency. A uniform methodology or specific recommendations on how to estimate the response of jacketed columns with different jacket materials types do not exist. Existing experimental data are used to determine the backbone nonlinear response of jacketed columns. These data are then used to develop recommendations to determine non-linear force and deformation parameters of jacketed columns. Although the most common types of jackets used are made from: concrete, steel, and FRP, only the last two are included in this paper. The backbone curves thus generated can then be used in performance assessment of reinforced concrete buildings where columns have been jacketed.