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A new admixture to mitigate corrosion problems

TitleA new admixture to mitigate corrosion problems
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsCivjan SA, Crellin BJ
JournalConcrete International
Start Page78
Date Published08/2006
Keywordsadmixture; corrosion

Early laboratory-scale tests have verified that Hycrete DSS, a water-based solution containing organic alkenyl dicarboxylic acid salts, prevents corrosion. The admixture’s corrosion-inhibiting property is likely due to both reducing concrete permeability and interfering with the corrosion process itself. A long-term test program is being conducted to evaluate both the admixture’s protective performance and its effects on the plastic and hardened properties of concrete. Future demonstration projects will include side-by-side placements of concrete with and without the admixture to evaluate its performance in the field.