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Mid-Range Streamflow Forecasts Based on Climate Modeling

TitleMid-Range Streamflow Forecasts Based on Climate Modeling
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsRyu JH, Palmer RN, Wiley MW, Jeong S
JournalJournal of the American Water Resources Association
Start Page355
Date Published04/2009
Keywordsclimate variability, hydrologic models, monsoon, streamflow forecast

Mid-range streamflow predictions are extremely important for managing water resources. The ability to provide mid-range (three to six months) streamflow forecasts enables considerable improvements in water resources system operations. The skill and economic value of such forecasts are of great interest. In this research, output from a general circulation model (GCM) is used to generate hydrologic input for mid-range streamflow forecasts. Statistical procedures including: (1) transformation, (2) correction, (3) observation of ensemble average, (4) improvement of forecast, and (5) forecast skill test are conducted to minimize the error associated with different spatial resolution between the large-scale GCM and the finer-scale hydrologic model and to improve forecast skills. The accuracy of a streamflow forecast generated using a hydrologic model forced with GCM output for the basin was evaluated by forecast skill scores associated with the set of streamflow forecast values in a categorical forecast. Despite the generally low forecast skill score exhibited by the climate forecasting approach, precipitation forecast skill clearly improves when a conditional forecast is performed during the East Asia summer monsoon, June through August.