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Measurement of hydraulic conductivity in clay using push-in piezometers

TitleMeasurement of hydraulic conductivity in clay using push-in piezometers
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsLutenegger AJ, Degroot DJ
JournalCurrent Practices in Ground Water and Vadose Zone Investigations
Start Page362
Date Published01/1992
Keywordsground-water investigations, hydraulic conductivity, monitoring wells, piezometers

The hydraulic performance of push-in standpipe piezometers was evaluated at a site consisting of medium stiff and soft varved clay in western Massachusetts. The results of falling head hydraulic conductivity tests performed in the piezometers were compared with results of tests performed in prebored and sand-packed piezometers and laboratory flexible wall tests performed on undisturbed samples obtained at the site. A comparison of the field and laboratory tests conducted throughout the upper portion of the profile indicates that while tests performed in the prebored piezometers generally gave hydraulic conductivity results higher than laboratory tests, results from tests performed in push-in piezometers were closer to laboratory tests.