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Integral Abutment Bridge Data from Three Steel Girder Bridges

TitleIntegral Abutment Bridge Data from Three Steel Girder Bridges
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsCivjan SA, Quinn BH, Breña SF, Allen CA
Conference NameWorld Steel Bridge Symposium
Date Published03/2014
PublisherNational Bridge Steel Alliance
Conference LocationToronto, ON

Long-term data during approximately 4 years of monitoring are presented for three Integral Abutment Bridges (IABs) of increasing complexity. A straight-girder non-skew bridge, a straight girder bridge with a 15 degree skew angle, and a two-span curved girder (11.25 degree curvature) bridge were instrumented to monitor strains, pile and abutment rotations, backfill pressures, and global deformations. Three- dimensional finite element models were created for and used for comparison to field data. Data are presented to illustrate the variability of seasonal response as well as the stabilization of the bridges in latter seasons that could be considered to represent the steady state response. Differences between field behavior and finite element model assumptions are addressed. All three bridges had acceptable performance, which supports the use of steel girder integral abutment bridges for moderate span structures. Data suggests that existing restrictions many states impose on steel girder IABs of moderate curvature should be relaxed, which would broaden the application of these efficient and cost effective bridges.