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Integral abutment bridge behavior: parametric analysis of a Massachusetts bridge

TitleIntegral abutment bridge behavior: parametric analysis of a Massachusetts bridge
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsCivjan SA, Bonczar C, Breña SF, Dejong JT, Crovo DS
JournalJournal of Bridge Engineering
Start Page64
Date Published01/2007
KeywordsBridge abutments, Bridge foundations, Bridges, continuous, Finite element method, Soil pressure, Soil-pile interaction, Soil-structure interaction

Integral abutment bridges are often a preferred bridge type for moderate spans throughout the United States. However, design methods and construction details vary from state to state. Variations between states are noted in the methods employed to accommodate deformations in the piles. The significance of these differences was evaluated through a finite-element study. The effects of backfill properties and soil restraint on piles were evaluated with regard to bridge distortions and maximum moment realized in the piles. Results show that bridge expansion is predominantly affected by backfill conditions, whereas contraction is influenced by pile restraint conditions. Pile moments are minimized when denser backfill and lower pile restraint are provided. The influence of abutment soil-structure spring modeling assumptions is addressed. Models were calibrated to the reference bridge at Orange-Wendell, Mass, which has been instrumented and data collected for 4 years.