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Innovative technologies to reduce water content of dewatered municipal residuals

TitleInnovative technologies to reduce water content of dewatered municipal residuals
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsAbu-Orf M.M., Muller CD, Park C, Novak JT
Start Page83
Date Published04/2004

A large number of dewatering devices, process modifications, physicaltreatment technologies, and additives are available to enhance water and wastewater re-siduals dewatering. A combination of two or more of these technologies might be usedto further enhance dewatering. These technologies are likely to be limited to particularsites where dryer cake, consistent throughput, or a high quality product is required. Onthe other hand, if a nearby landfill will accept residuals with low solids at a low cost,dewatering optimization might not be desirable.This paper reports on results from recent research conducted by the Veolia WaterNorth American Technology Center (NATC) in collaboration with several academic insti-tutions to improve dewatering of residuals. The researched areas for improvingdewatering are: (1) evaluating an innovative dewatering/drying device; (2) opportunityfor modifying upstream residuals characteristics through addition of aluminum ion; (3)evaluating physical pre-treatment through electromagnetic fields; (4) and finally intro-ducing an aeration processing step prior to dewatering.Results from this research verify the feasibility of several options and technologies forincreased water removal from the dewatering processes. An evaluation of these meth-ods and technologies in terms of their technical feasibility is important; however, eco-nomic feasibility may reveal opportunities to combine more than one enhancementtechnology at one site. More importantly, the improvement in dewatering should be eco-nomically feasible. Ultimately, these technologies must be evaluated by each specificdewatering facility to determine if dryer cakes are worth the expense.