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Improving buckling response of the square steel tube by using steel foam

TitleImproving buckling response of the square steel tube by using steel foam
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsMoradi M, Arwade SR
JournalStructural Engineering & Mechanics
Start Page1017
Date Published09/2014
KeywordsFinite element analysis, imperfection, plate buckling, steel foam, steel tube

Steel tubes have an efficient shape with large second moment of inertia relative to their light weight. One of the main problems of these members is their low buckling resistance caused from having thin walls. In this study, steel foams with high strength over weight ratio is used to fill the steel tube to beneficially modify the response of steel tubes. The linear eigenvalue and plastic collapse FE analysis is done on steel foam filled tube under pure compression and three point bending simulation. It is shown that steel foam improves the maximum strength and the ability of energy absorption of the steel tubes significantly. Different configurations with different volume of steel foam and composite behavior is investigated. It is demonstrated that there are some optimum configurations with more efficient behavior. If composite action between steel foam and steel increases, the strength of the element will improve, in a way that, the failure mode change from local buckling to yielding.