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Hydrolysis and Dehalogenation of Trihaloacetaldehydes

TitleHydrolysis and Dehalogenation of Trihaloacetaldehydes
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication1995
AuthorsXie Y, Reckhow DA
Book TitleDisinfection By-Products in Water Treatment: The Chemistry of Their Formation and Control
PublisherCRC Press
CityNew York
Other NumbersCAT# L1136


  • Addresses current regulations on water treatment by-products
  • Describes various techniques, including high energy electron beam irradiation and gamma radiation methods, for by-product removal
  • Includes case studies illustrating the formation and control of treatment by-products
  • Contains chapters on chloramines and chlorine dioxide and discusses the influence of natural organic matter (NOM) on by-products


Disinfection By-Products in Water Treatment describes new government regulations related to disinfection by-products. It explains the formation of microorganism by-products during water treatment and the methods employed to control them.
The book includes several chapters on chlorine by-products and discusses techniques for the removal of chloroform from drinking water. It also describes gamma radiation techniques for removing microorganic by-product precursors from natural waters and the removal of bromate from drinking water.