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Evaluation of seasonal and yearly behavior of an Integral abutment bridge

TitleEvaluation of seasonal and yearly behavior of an Integral abutment bridge
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2007
AuthorsBreña SF, Bonczar C, Civjan SA, Dejong JT, Crovo DS
JournalJournal of Bridge Engineering
Start Page296
Date Published05/2007
KeywordsBridge abutments, Bridges, continuous, Monitoring, Piles, Temperature effects

This paper presents the field performance evaluation of an integral abutment bridge constructed in Massachusetts that was monitored for a period of three years. Emphasis is primarily made on observed seasonal and yearly behavior. Although the bridge abutments were constructed without any skew, differences have been observed in performance between the north and south abutments and are attributed to differences in construction conditions. Longitudinal displacement and rotation fully characterize the abutment deformation response. Fundamental parameters that control the response of the bridge (longitudinal restraint, pile moments) are evaluated through the use of simple mechanical models. The use of simple models allows estimation of bridge parameters for use in more involved finite element models. Data collected during the monitoring period indicate that current design procedures used for integral abutment bridges in Massachusetts are conservative.