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An elasto-plastic model for granular materials with microstructural consideration

TitleAn elasto-plastic model for granular materials with microstructural consideration
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2005
AuthorsChang CS, Hicher P-Y
Start Page4258
Date Published07/2005
KeywordsElastic–plastic model, granular material, Packing anisotropy, Stress–strain relationship

In this paper, we have extended the granular mechanics approach to derive an elasto-plastic stress–strain relationship. The deformation of a representative volume of the material is generated by mobilizing particle contacts in all orientations. Thus, the stress–strain relationship can be derived as an average of the mobilization behavior of these local contact planes. The local behavior is assumed to follow a Hertz–Mindlin’s elastic law and a Mohr–Coulomb’s plastic law. Essential features such as continuous displacement field, inter-particle stiffness, and fabric tensor are discussed. The predictions of the derived stress–strain model are compared to experimental results for sand under both drained and undrained triaxial loading conditions. The comparisons demonstrate the ability of this model to reproduce accurately the overall mechanical behavior of granular media and to account for the influence of key parameters such as void ratio and mean stress. A part of this paper is devoted to the study of anisotropic specimens loaded in different directions, which shows the model capability of considering the influence of inherent anisotropy on the stress–strain response under a drained triaxial loading condition.