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Critical assessment of measuring concrete joint faulting using 3d continuous pavement profile data

TitleCritical assessment of measuring concrete joint faulting using 3d continuous pavement profile data
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsTsai Y, Wu Y, Ai C, Pitts E
Journal Journal of Transportation Engineering
Start Page1291
Date Published11/2012
ISSN 0733-947X

Faulting has traditionally been collected by using manual methods, which are labor intensive, time-consuming, and hazardous to workers and drivers. Therefore, alternative methods for effectively and safely collecting faulting data are needed. With emerging laser technology originally designed for crack detection, high-resolution, full lane-width coverage, three-dimensional (3D) continuous pavement profile data can now be acquired. This paper critically assesses the feasibility of using this 3D continuous pavement profile data for measuring faulting with a special focus on accuracy and repeatability. Controlled field tests were conducted to evaluate the accuracy for faulting in different ranges. Field tests were conducted at highway speeds on I-16 in Georgia to evaluate the repeatability and feasibility of the proposed method. Results show the proposed method can estimate faulting with an average error of less than 1 mm compared with those measured using the Georgia fault meter, and it can achieve reasonable repeatability with a standard deviation less than 1 mm in repeated runs at different highway speeds. Two tests have demonstrated that it is feasible to collect faulting data using 3D continuous pavement profile data. Recommendations for future research are also discussed.