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Characterization of steel foams for structural components

TitleCharacterization of steel foams for structural components
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsSmith BH, Szyniszewski S, Hajjar JF, Schafer BW, Arwade SR
Start Page399
Date Published11/2012
Keywordsexperiment, fracture, metal hollow sphere, panel, poisson’s ratio, steel foam, tension

Experimentally measured mechanical properties of hollow sphere steel foam are the subject of this paper. The characterization of the hollow sphere foam encompasses compressive yield stress and densification strain, compressive plastic Poisson’s ratio, and compressive unloading modulus, as well as tensile elastic modulus, tensile unloading modulus, tensile yield stress, and tensile fracture strain. Shear properties are also included. These tests provide sufficient information to allow calibration of a macroscopic, continuum constitutive model. Calibrated foam plasticity parameters are tabulated, and unique feature of foam plasticity are explained. Also, initial development of mesoscale simulations, which explicitly model voids and sintered hollow spheres, is reported. This work is part of a larger effort to help the development of steel foam as a material with relevance to civil engineering applications.