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Characterization of filter media MnOx[s] surfaces and Mn removal capability

TitleCharacterization of filter media MnOx[s] surfaces and Mn removal capability
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsIslam AA, Goodwill JE, Bouchard R, Tobiason JE, Knocke WR
JournalJournal American Water Works Association
Start Page71
Date Published09/2010
Accession Number53491511
Manganese (Mn) control is a significant challenge for utilities, and uptake by oxide-coated media is one commonly used control method. However, there has been only a small amount of research documenting the process and characterization of the oxide-coated media responsible for Mn uptake. This article presents a standard technique to evaluate the Mn uptake capability of filter media and provides increased understanding of the process of Mn uptake by oxide-coated filter media. The Mn uptake capability of filter media can be assessed by a laboratory protocol. Mn uptake capability does not increase consistently because Mn coating levels increase beyond 5-15 mg Mn/g media. Mn oxide coatings can develop readily on both anthracite and sand media and will remain robust for at least six months with no prefilter chlorination. However, Mn release may be a concern. The results of this study will help utility engineers and operators optimize and understand the Mn oxide-coated media process for Mn removal and control.