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Calcium magnesium acetate degradation in roadside soil: Acetate microcosms

TitleCalcium magnesium acetate degradation in roadside soil: Acetate microcosms
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1992
AuthorsOstendorf DW, Pollock SJ, Palaia TA, Zutell CA
JournalTransportation Research Record
Start Page41
ISBN Number0309054060
Accession Number00626943
KeywordsBiodeterioration, calcium magnesium acetate, Gas chromatography, groundwater, Laboratory tests, Loam, Oxygen, Roadside, Soils

Aseptic soil samples from the loam cover of a state highway shoulder in southeastern Massachusetts were placed in sterile serum bottles, forming a series of aerobic soil microcosms. The samples were dosed with reagent grade acetate solutions without acclimation, then sacrificed at various time intervals and analyzed by gas chromatography in a laboratory determination of the aerobic microbial degradation kinetics. The acetate degraded rapidly in the loam layer, demonstrating that the shoulder has the potential to reduce oxygen demand by acetate on groundwater under the highway.