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Backing acceleration and response time to an audible warning in a field test

TitleBacking acceleration and response time to an audible warning in a field test
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMuttart J, Fisher DL, Pradhan AK, Knodler J.Michael A
Conference NameTransportation Research Board 89th Annual Meeting
Date Published01/2010
PublisherTransportation Research Board
Conference LocationWashington, D.C.
Accession Number 01150444
Other NumbersPaper #10-2773
KeywordsAcceleration (Mechanics), Backing (Driving), Braking performance, Children, Collision avoidance systems, Reaction time, Stopping distances, Video cameras, Warning systems

Young children are over-represented in run-over backing crashes. As a first step in developing a backing safety system, drivers’ responses and backing accelerations were recorded in a field experiment. The results show that backing acceleration encompasses three phases: (1) drivers initially start slowly, (2) reach peak acceleration (3) and continue to accelerate, but at a linear decreasing rate until the desired speed is attained. Additionally, driver response times were much longer than typical response times associated with forward hazards. Drivers also exhibited confusion as evidenced by a rather large variance in response times. On the basis of the findings, optimal detection ranges are offered that could be used to help design a collision warning system when backing.