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Water Resources, Climate, & Society Group

UMass Water Resources
The Water Resources, Climate, and Society Group at the University of Massachusetts is composed of Drs. David Ahlfeld, Casey Brown, David Ostendorf, Richard Palmer, Mi-Hyun Park, and Austin Polebitski. The Group has expertise in the areas of water resources management, surface water hydrology, surface water quality modeling using satellite imagery and GIS, groundwater hydrology, environmental fluid mechanics, global water issues, drought planning, climate change impacts, shared vision modeling, and decision support systems.

The group utilizes small scale and large-scale mathematical models, simulation tools, disciplined planning approaches, and mediation techniques to explore complex issues in the field of water resources. These issues include the relationship between water, climate and economic development and the management of climate risk in infrastructure systems.

During the past decade the Group has had the opportunity to work on water resource problems and conflicts in nearly every region in the United States, from Florida to Washington and California to Massachusetts. We have also applied our research internationally in Korea, Jordan, Mexico, and in portions of Africa, including the Nile River.

Take a moment to view the following websites, which summarize our research activities: