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Stormwater & Watershed Management

Associated Faculty

David Ahlfeld

Example Research Projects

  • Salt Remediation Program Support (David Ostendorf, Don DeGroot, Erich Hinlein), Massachusetts Department of Transportation Highway Division, 7/2012 – 6/2015

  • A remote sensing algal production model to monitor water quality and nonpoint pollution in New England lakes (Mi-Hyun Park), USGS 104B Massachusetts Water Resources Research Center, 04/2011-03/2012

  • Hydraulics of Glaciated Bedrock River Valley Deposits in New England (David W. Ostendorf (PI), Erich S. Hinlein, Don J. DeGroot (CoPI), and Aaron I. Judge) Massachusetts DOT Interagency Service Agreement 56565 (2008-2012)

  • Water Quality in DCR Reservoirs 2012-2014, (John Tobiason, David Ahlfeld, Mi-Hyun Park) MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Water Supply Protection , 07/2012-06/2014

  • Evaluating Reservoir Operations and the Impacts of Climate Change In the Connecticut River Basin (Richard Palmer, David P. Ahlfeld & Casey Brown) The Nature Conservancy, 4/2009 – 12/2012

  • Water Quality in Massachusetts Reservoirs (David Ahlfeld, Mi-Hyun Park, John Tobiason & David Reckhow) Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

  • EDC/PPCP Benchmarking and Monitoring Strategies for Drinking Water Utilities (David A. Reckhow & Mi-Hyun Park) Water Research Foundation, 10/1/2010-12/1/2013

  • Water Quality in DCR Reservoirs 2011-2012 (John Tobiason, David Ahlfeld, Mi-Hyun Park & David Reckhow), MA Department of Conservation and Recreation, Division of Water Supply Protection , 07/2010-06/2012

  • Watershed Management and Drinking Water Supply Instrumentation (Sharon C. Long, John E. Tobiason, David A. Reckhow, David P., Ahlfeld, & Paula Rees) NSF Major Research Instrumentation Grant

  • Plan for the Blackstone River EFF and the next Generation Cyberinfrastructure (David Reckhow, Paula Rees, Sharon Long, James Kurose, Allen Hansen, Edward Riseman, Howard Schultz, Charles Schwiek, & Leon Osterweil) National Science Foundation

  • Long-term Variability of BDOC and NOM as Precursors in Watershed Sources (David Reckhow, Paula Rees, & Klaus Nuesslein) American Water Works Association Research Foundation

  • Water Quality in MDC Reservoirs: Watershed Data Collection and Modeling (David Reckhow, Paula Rees, & John Tobiason) Metropolitan District Commission

  • Highway Deicing Agent Remediation Program (D.W. Ostendorf & D.J. DeGroot) Executive Office of Transportation

  • Highway Deicing Agent Impacts on Soil and Groundwater Quality (D.W. Ostendorf) Massachusetts Highway Department

  • Evaluation of Highway Deicing Agents (D.W. Ostendorf) Massachusetts Highway Department

  • Groundwater-Surface Water Interface (David P. Ahlfeld) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Watershed Industrial Storm Water Permitting Strategy to Meet Total Maximum Daily Loads (Mi-Hyun Park & Michael K. Stenstrom) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Los Angeles Regional Water Board