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The University of Massachusetts Amherst and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) today announced an upcoming graduate engineering degree option in ecohydrology – the first in the nation. This master’s degree, through the Department of Civil and Engineering will prepare students for a career in the specialized field of fish passage engineering.

Reckhow will be presenting two talks at the American Water Works Association Annual Conference in Chicago June 18-24th. The first talk entitled, "Modeling DBP's in the New York City System with Free Chlorine or Chloramines as Residual Disinfectants", was selected from a competition. It is a summary of work Reckhow has been doing with his graduate student, Amanda Keyes on the NYC drinking water.

The objective of this work is to help them manage their system to improve water quality across the 5 boroughs.

Dr. Richard Palmer traveled to Providence, Rhode Island for the period of May 16- May 20th for the American Society of Civil Engineer’s World Environment and Water Resources Congress-2010.  The theme of the Congress was “The Challenges of Change.”  Dr. Palmer served as the Technical Chairman of the Congress, organizing the technical content of the three and a half day technical program that included over 600 technical presentations/papers and 850 participants. 

As part of a long feature article in the Metro West Daily News, Michael Knodler of our Civil and Environmental Engineering Department says Massachusetts is behind many other states in seat belt use, but the number of drivers who use them is still increasing each year. Dr. Knodler is the director of the UMass Traffic Safety Research Program, or UMassSafe, which has performed seat belt studies for the state for most of the past nine years.

A web-based teaching game developed by two Northeastern University faculty members in collaboration with Assistant Professor of Transportation Engineering Song Gao, from our Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, has won a 21st Century Learning Lab Award of $150,000 from the MacArthur Foundation. The game, NOx NO MORE, uses GPS data to teach students about the environmental impact of their family’s transportation choices.

Professional baseball scouts use the ungrammatical but colorful adjective “toolsy” to describe players who have all the “tools,” or abilities, to play the game at its highest level. “Toolsy” also serves as an accurate modifier to describe all the industrial engineering seniors who recently completed Dr. Jenna Marquard’s MIE 478 capstone course. It makes them toolsy enough to ply their trade at the highest professional level. According to the official course description, MIE 478 acts as “an integration of industrial engineering/operations research principles and procedures into the design of an operating system.”

Dr. Casey Brown attended the 2010 ASCE Environmental and Water Resources Institute Congress  (EWRI) held on May 16-20, 2010, in Providence, RI.

 EWRI is a specialty organization within the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and includes: