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Dr. Song Gao will attend the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), in January 2011, to present research work and meet fellow researchers. She will be presenting 5 papers at this meeting.

• Dr. Gao and He Huang, PhD candidate will present a paper entitled “Optimal Paths in Dynamic Networks with Dependent Link Travel Times”.

Dr. Palmer is serving on an NSF Review Panel. He will be reviewing and providing input into the evaluation of research proposals for the National Science Foundation program on Infrastructure Management.

Dr. Palmer traveled to San Francisco to take part in the Piloting Utility Modeling Applications (PUMA) Workshop held from December 1-3, 2010.

The purposes of this workshop are to are:

1) Identify state-of-the-art climate modeling tools and techniques for use by a select group of Water Utility Climate Alliance memberscommitted to conducting and technically prepared to conduct climate impacts assessments for their systems,

Dr. Alan Lutenegger was an invited lecturer for the National Drillers Association. He provided lectures at Short Course on "Subsurface Investigations" at the November 29th, meeting.

Prabhjeet Raj Singh, the vice president of the Infinity Engineering Group, Ltd., of North Vancouver, British Columbia, was honored on October 16 with a College of Engineering 2010 Outstanding Junior Alumni Award for “serving as a worthy ambassador for the college and demonstrating extraordinary effort and notable success in his early career.” Singh was co-leader of design teams working on both the Deh Cho Bridge in the Northwest Territories (still under construction) and the Golden Ears Bridge (Segment 3 land structures) in south central British Columbia, among others.

Dr. Casey Brown participated in the National Climate Assessment conducted by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. This began  with the workshop entitled "Planning Regional and Sectoral Assessments for the National Climate Assessment," being organized by the Interagency National Climate Assessment Task Force and the U.S. Global Change Research Program. The workshop was be held on November 15-17,2010 at U.S. Geological Survey Headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

This article is the second in a series showcasing the accomplished graduates recently presented with Outstanding Senior and Junior Alumni Awards. Fairfax Station, Virginia, resident David C. Jeanes, the retired president of the Steel Market Development Institute,was honored on October 16 at the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a College of Engineering 2010 Outstanding Senior Alumni Award for having brought recognition and honor to the college through his professional achievements, leadership, and service to his profession, university, and society.

Dr. David Reckhow was invited to give a lecture at a special symposium sponsored by the Walkerton Clean Water Centre. He will be one of 7 invited speakers. The symposium focuses on the future direction of drinking water quality regulations in the US and in Canada. Dr. Reckhow presented results from his group's research over the past 10 years and placing into the context of current North American water quality regulations and changes that are needed in the future.

Casey Brown will present the new results of his work on climate risk management for Lake Superior in a special project meeting of the International Upper Great Lakes Study (