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Dr. Mi-Hyun Park will attend the Annual Conference of the American Water Works Association (AWWA) in Washington DC June 12 – 16, 2011. She will co-present a paper entitled "Benchmarking and Monitoring Strategies for EDCs/PPCPs by Drinking Water Utilities" and "Benchmarking EDC and Pharmaceutical Contamination: Meta.Analysis of Historical Data Using Risk· Based Guidelines"

Dr. Ching S. Chang will attend Conference of Engineering Mechanics Institute in Boston, Massachusetts on June   1 – 4, 2011. In addition to attending the conference he will attend a committee meeting and present a technical paper.


Jacobs Associates announced on May 9 that alumnus Daniel N. Adams, P.E., C.P. Eng., who is now the executive vice president, has been elected president and CEO. William W. Edgerton, P.E., currently president and CEO, will assume the position of chairman of the board. These changes accompany a shift toward a style of management that will allow the company to accommodate expansion while providing quality service to local clients.

Civil and Environmental Department employees, Jodi Ozdarski, Academic Assistant and David Reckhow, Professor, received recognition at the Length of Service Awards Celebration Breakfast on April 29, 2011 for 25 years of service. Both have worked for the University of Massachusetts, Amherst since 1985., the free public information website at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Regional Traveler Information Center (RTIC), is featuring a brand new application that will allow drivers to see all the travel and construction advisories in the state at a glance. It went live on May 6. The site, provided by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation and called MassDOT Travel Advisories, gives viewers a zoom-in or zoom-out map, on which every advisory in the state is marked with an orange traffic cone icon. Click on any cone, and you get the lowdown on the potential delay expected in that location.