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NASA Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission meetings

Dr. Colin Gleason

Assistant Professor Colin J Gleason attended two meetings in his capacity as a Science Team member for the forthcoming NASA Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) mission. He first attended the International Workshop to Reconcile Northern Permafrost Region Methane Budgets, held in Seattle from March 7-9. Gleason was one of 40 attendees, and presented an overview of the SWOT mission and how it might be relevant to the global carbon cycle researchers present at the workshop. Gleason then travelled to Montreal for a meeting the Canadian Space Agency and the Water Survey of Canada as it relates to upcoming joint fieldwork to be held between these agencies, UCLA, UNC, and UMass.  The group mutually agreed on field targets and priorities for this coming year, which involve intense airborne radar and field work in the Saskatchewan River and the Peace Athabasca Delta.