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Faculty Travel Series: Dr.Song Gao

Dr. Song Gao

Dr. Song Gao is going to the 97th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB). Activities at the conference include:

1) presenting a paper entitled "Multi-Cycle Optimal Taxi Routing with E-hailing", co-authored with UMass PhD student, Xinlian Yu;

2) presenting a paper entitled "Cooperative Scheme - An Alternative Approach to an Equitable and Pareto-Improving Transportation System", co-authored with UMass PhD student, Sayeeda Bint Ayaz;

3) presenting a paper entitled "A Field Study of Effectiveness of EcoDriving: Real-Time Feedback and Classroom Training", co-authored with UMass PhD student, Tao Jiang;

4) presenting a paper entitled "Tripod: Sustainable Travel Incentives with Prediction, Optimization and Personalization", co-authored with Prof. Eleni Christofa and PhD student, Sayeeda Bint Ayaz from UMass and collaborators from MIT;

5) presenting at a workshop entitled "Advancing the Science of Transportation Demand Modeling";

6) presiding over the meeting of "Route Choice and Spatio-Temporal Behavior, ADB10(2), Joint Subcommittee of ADB10, ADB30".