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Faculty Travel Series: Dr. Eleni Christofa

Dr. Eleni Christofa is attending the 97th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington DC from January 7-10 where she will be presenting six papers:


  1. Evaluating the Effect of Freight Deliveries on Signalized Arterials and Optimizing Real-Time Signal Control co-authored with Dr. Eric Gonzales and his MS student Aaron Keegan. 
  2. A Comparative Safety Analysis of Bicycle Infrastructure Treatments at Intersections co-authored with Dr. Michael Knodler and PhD students Nicholas Fournier and Aikaterini Deliali.
  3. An Integration of Population Synthesis Methods for Agent-Based Microsimulation co-authored with PhD student Nicholas Fournier and colleagues from MIT.
  4. Tripod: Sustainable Travel Incentives with Prediction, Optimization, and Personalization co-authored with Dr. Song and colleagues from MIT.
  5. Person-Based Signal Timing Optimization with Flexible Cycle Lengths and Phase Rotation with colleagues from Penn State.
  6. A Quick and Reliable Traffic Incident Detection Methodology Using Connected Vehicle Data co-authored with former MS student Joshua Wolfgram and colleagues from the Federal Highway Administration.


She will also participate in the Traffic Signal Systems Committee and Task Force on Arterials and Public Health Meetings and will preside a session on “Traffic Signal Timing for Multimodal Operations."