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Faculty Travel Series: Dr. Casey Brown

Below are Dr. Casey Brown's recent travel:

Dr. Brown presented his research findings at the Department of Defense Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) Symposium. Prof. Brown leads a major research effort funded by SERDP on the effects of climate change on hydrologic extreme events with partners from the National Center for Atmospheric Research and Columbia University. The effort is developing new methods for projecting future flood risk and adaptation strategies for managing flood risk under climate uncertainty. Prof. Brown also presented at the World Bank on November 29th and the Inter Agency Forum on Climate Risks, Impacts and Adaptation. 

In addition, Dr. Casey Brown presented an invited talk at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting, entitled, "From Awareness to Action: Determining the climate sensitivities that influence decision makers" on Monday, December 11th. Dr. Brown was joined by 6 members of his research group who delivered posters and presentations on their research in the areas of water resources, hydroclimatology and planning under deep uncertainty.