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Dr. Song Gao will be presenting 5 papers at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting

Dr. Song Gao will attend the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (TRB), in January 2011, to present research work and meet fellow researchers. She will be presenting 5 papers at this meeting.

• Dr. Gao and He Huang, PhD candidate will present a paper entitled “Optimal Paths in Dynamic Networks with Dependent Link Travel Times”.

• She will also present a paper with Xuan Lu, PhD candidate, entitled “Information Impacts on Route Choice and Learning Behavior in a Congested Network: An Experimental Approach”

• Melissa Paciulli, PhD student, John Collura, Professor and Dr. Gao will present a paper entitled “Developing An Evaluation Approach To Assess Large Scale ITS Infrastructure Improvements: 1-91 Project In Massachusetts”.

• Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva (MIT), Zheng Wei (Caliper Corporation), Yang Wen (Orade Corporation) and Dr. Gao will present a paper entitled “A Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model for Highly Congested Urban Networks”.

• Hengliang Tian, PhD student, Professor Don Fisher (MIE), undergraduate Brian Post and Dr. Song Gao will present a paper entitled "Route Choice Behavior in a Driving Simulator with Real-time Information".