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Dr. Palmer took part in the Piloting Utility Modeling Applications (PUMA) Workshop

Dr. Palmer traveled to San Francisco to take part in the Piloting Utility Modeling Applications (PUMA) Workshop held from December 1-3, 2010.

The purposes of this workshop are to are:

1) Identify state-of-the-art climate modeling tools and techniques for use by a select group of Water Utility Climate Alliance memberscommitted to conducting and technically prepared to conduct climate impacts assessments for their systems,

2) Frame the value proposition of these climate modeling tools by articulating the uncertainties embedded in modelingresults, as well as how to best use downscaled and other climate modeling data in planning,

3) Acquire climate projection data utilizing the identified modeling tools in a form and scale that can be used by utility hydrologic models to generate watershed and/or urban runoff information to be utilized in impacts assessment, water planningprocesses, and decision making,

4) Build a national RISA collaboration and enhance regional RISA connections by engaging RISA experts from the NW, Cal-Neva, SE, and NE RISA programs in the project, corresponding to the regions for the subject utilities, and

5) Inform developing conversations between climate science users and providers regarding how existing research meets or does not meet the needs of the adaptation community, how future investment in research might better serve society, and the nature of climate services needed on the ground in communities facing adaptation challenges.

 As a Co-PI, along with Dr. Ray Bradley and Dr. Casey Brown, of the UMass RISA Project,Dr. Palmer will represent the ''Water Sector" of the Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast.