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Alumni Mahyar Amirgholy was selected for the CUTC Milton Pikarsky Memorial Award

  Mahyar Amirgholy, who graduated earlier this year, has been selected for the CUTC Milton Pikarsky Memorial Award for his PhD dissertation entitled “Modeling Choice Problems with Heterogeneous User Preferences in the Transportation Network.” The award will be presented at the annual Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) banquet at the TRB Annual Meeting in January.  This award gets national recognition among state and federal officials, transportation faculty, and UTC directors. 


"The CUTC Milton Pikarsky Memorial Award is one of the most prestigious dissertation awards in the civil engineering and transportation field, and I am sincerely honored and grateful for this recognition. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my terrific advisor, Eric Gonzales, for being such a great teacher and mentor for me. I also want to acknowledge the help and support of my committee members, Song Gao and Anna Nagurney for their valuable guidance and comments on my PhD work and helpful advice and support regarding my future research and career. I also thank all the Transportation Engineering faculty members in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the UMass Amherst. In particular, I want to thank Eleni Christofa whose generous advice and support have always been encouraging in achieving my research objectives and career goals, and also Daiheng Ni whose help has been very valuable to me. I am also very grateful to Richard Palmer, John Collura, and Michael Knodler for their outstanding leadership of the program. I also want especially thank to Thomas O. Boucher from Industrial Engineering Department of Rutgers University whose lectures have been very inspiring to me and his valuable comments have been very helpful in improving the quality of my work. Once again, it has been a great pleasure for me to know and work with you during my PhD, and it is a great honor to represent UMass Amherst at CUTC Annual Awards Banquet at the TRB annual meeting in January." -Mahyar Amirgholy


Congratulations to Mahyar for this achievement!