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Groundwater & Hazardous Waste

Faculty in the Program conduct research to characterize subsurface pollution and to understand the nature of bioremediation in contaminated soils, providing expertise in groundwater modeling, biological processes in the subsurface, and transport of particles and colloids in the subsurface. Faculty members have extensive field drilling and sampling experience, capabilities for innovative chemical and biological analysis in the laboratory, and have worked at numerous contaminated groundwater sites. Principal areas of study include the fate and transport of light nonaqueous phase liquids (LNAPLs) and associated soil gas, transport of solutes in heterogeneous media, soil vapor extraction and air sparging of volatile organic compounds, vapor-phase bioremediation, and field sampling techniques for assessing contaminated soils and groundwater. Related work has involved the impacts of road salt on ground and surface water. These studies have involved petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile halogenated solvents and simple organic acids.

Associated Faculty

David Ahlfeld

Don Degroot

David Ostendorf

Example Research Projects