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Forms & Regulations

Regulations Governing the M.S. and Ph.D. Programs of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering


These regulations are provided for the information and guidance of graduate students and their faculty advisors. The regulations comply with those of the Graduate School which are published in the current issue of the Graduate School Bulletin and the Graduate School Handbook. The ultimate responsibility for the timely satisfaction of these and other requirements established by the University resides with the student. Exceptions to the following regulations must be approved in writing as appropriate by either the student's faculty advisor, the Graduate and Research Committee, the Graduate Program Director, or the Department Head.  Please note that the EWRE program has some unique regulations and forms that may be accessed on the EWRE resources page.

M.S. Degree

Project Committee
Thesis Committee
Required Graduate Credits
Thesis Option
Project Option
Master’s Examination
Degree Completion Requirements

Ph.D. Degree

Preliminary Comprehensive Exam Committee
Dissertation Committee
Graduate Credits
Degree Completion Requirements


M.S. Degree
Signature Cover Sheet for Thesis Outline
Title Page for Master's Project
Signature Page for Master's Project
Signature Page for Master's Thesis
Masters Degree Eligibility Form (Graduate School Link)

Ph.D. Degree
Signature Sheet for Dissertation Prospectus
Signature Page for Dissertation
Doctoral Degree Eligibility Form (Graduate School Link)

Graduate Student Final Check-Out List and Data on First Position
Guidelines for MS Thesis and Dissertation (Graduate School Link)

Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Specific
EWRE Information, Procedures and Advising Manual
Plan of Study Form
Program Summary Form
Pre-Requisites for Students without a prior BS in Engineering