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Environmental Chemistry & Pollutant Analysis

Members of the faculty have made important contributions to the field of environmental chemistry, especially in the areas of oxidation and complexation reactions in homogeneous aqueous systems, chemical analysis of organic oxidation byproducts in water, and measurement of VOC emissions from hazardous waste sites and POTWs. Fundamental research such as this is often conducted in parallel with applied studies. For example, a study supported by the USEPA showed that ozone would react with natural organic matter altering its complexation capacity for calcium and aluminum. This work was conducted in parallel with alum coagulation studies of colored surface waters, demonstrating the practical implications of the fundamental work.

Associated Faculty

Dave Reckhow


John Tobiason

Many EWRE projects have strong environmental chemstry components as well as applications in the area of drinking water treatment. For this reason, some of these project appear in both research areas.

Example Research Projects