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Civil & Environmental Engineering Department Advisory Council

Mission Statement

The mission of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Industry Advisory Council is to provide advocacy, support and guidance to the Department in its goal to become a top tier CEE program in the United States.  More specifically, Advisory Council members seek to:

  • Advance the quality of the education (undergraduate/graduate/research) through:
    • technical alignment with the disciplines in the Department;
    • research/course partnerships;
    • mentoring faculty; and,
    • periodic review of curriculum
  • Actively connect with students by
    • supporting student activities;
    • engaging in the classroom or through technical societies;
    • helping to recruit new students; and,
    • providing internships, coops, and permanent placements.
  • Support strategic planning at the Department or discipline level.
  • Assist in acquiring needed resources for the Department to accomplish its mission.

The Advisory Council serves as an interface between the global professional civil and environmental engineering community, the University, the state, and the public.


The Advisory Council is comprised of 25 to 30 member volunteers from the private and public-sectors, across all CEE disciplines, and with a diverse mix of professional experience. Members are appointed by the Department Head and are generally asked to serve for a minimum of three years. Historically, approximately two-thirds of the Council members have graduated from the University of Massachusetts.

Current Organizational Structure

The organizational structure of the Council consists of:

Members (click to see full roster)
Co-chairs - Tiffany Labrie and Heather Scranton
Senior Advisors - Richard Bedard, Ruth Bonsignore, and Stephen Kellogg


The Advisory Council meets formally on-campus twice a year (typically in October and April). Individual members and sub-committees engage in departmental activities informally throughout the year.