A research group of the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, UMass Amherst


HydroSystems Research Group

The goal of our research is to understand and model human-hydrologic systems to improve societal responses to water resources challenges.    Human-hydrologic systems are particularly vulnerable to climate variability and climate change and climate risk assessment and management is a focus area.  The findings of this research will provide insight for planning and adapting the design and management of water resource systems for a sustainable future.


  • Umit Taner and Casey Brown lead stakeholder workshop revealing results of the  climate risk assessment for the Niger River Basin in Niamey, Niger, January 7-9, 2014.
  • Katherine Lownsbery leads water resources modeling workshop for the Niger Basin Authority in Burkina Faso
  • AGU Fall Meeting 2014!:  Casey Brown, Scott Steinschneider and Umit Taner gave oral presentations; Patrick Ray, Sungwook Wi, Ethan Yang, Sarah Whateley, and Katherine Lownsbery presented posters.
  • Casey Brown presented at the World Bank Decision Making Under Uncertainty workshop hosted by Stephane Hallegatte in Washington DC, Nov 4-6, 2013.






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