Environmental & Water Resources Engineering

Graduate Program of Studies

To be considered for admission into the CEE Department and the EWRE Program by the Graduate School, the applicant must have a bachelor's degree in engineering or science areas from a college or university of recognized standing.  Typically 10-20 new graduate students enter the program every fall, with a smaller number entering in the spring.  Applicants may be interested in seeing the current EWRE graduate student listingPlease note that the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Program does not assess an applicant's qualifications until all application materials are submitted.

The application process is entirely online at the UMass Graduate School web site. Applicants should select the Civil Engineering area and the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering sub-area, under either the MS or PhD degree option. Students without an MS degree who are interested in a PhD degree may elect to apply directly for the PhD, or they may select the MS degree option and indicate their desire to pursue a PhD in their personal statement.  While not required, the MS degree path is excellent preparation for the preliminary comprehensive PhD examinations and can be fast-tracked.

Successful applicants must demonstrate a strong academic record through their GRE scores, undergraduate or graduate GPA, letters of recommendation and personal statement.  There are no firm minimum criteria for standardized testing scores, however, our typical accepted applicant pool has mean verbal GRE scores of 560 (157 new scale) and quantitative GRE scores of 770 (162 new scale).  For those required to take the TOEFL we note typical scores of about 95 among the accepted applicants (80 is the minimum required by the UMass Graduate School).  The typical mean GPA for accepted applicants is about 3.4, although this is highly dependent on the Institution and program.

For general information on admission to the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, see How to Apply.

Financial Aid

All applicants are considered for financial aid by the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Program, except for those specifically applying to the one-year Coursework Option MS. No additional forms are required.  Financial aid is offered through research and teaching assistantships and fellowships.  The exact number of these awards is subject to change depending upon renewal of grants, available Departmental support, and other factors.   For more see the page on RA opportunities in EWRE.  Assistantships provide a stipend plus a tuition waiver.  The amount of the stipend depends on the type of research or teaching assistantship, the funding source, the degree being pursued and the student's experience and background.  The tuition waiver exempts students from paying tuition and a portion of health fees, in effect, increasing the total value of an assistantship.  Students receiving a Research or Teaching Assistantship can not pursue the one-year Coursework Option. The expected ranges of RA stipend levels are from $21,000 to $26,000 per year on a 20 hr/wk basis.  For more information on tuition and fees see the most recent UMass Graduate Student Fee Schedule.

If you do have additional questions regarding admission to the EWRE Graduate Program, contact:
David Reckhow, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering Program Coordinator
E-mail: reckhow@ecs.umass.edu