A new report written by Eric Gonzales, a faculty member in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, and his colleagues looks at how to manage taxi markets by using Global Positioning System receivers. The report was released by the Mineta Transportation Institute and was covered in the media by WFSB-TV 3,, and Securities Technology Monitor, among others. The report was entitled “Modeling Taxi Demand with GPS Data from Taxis and Transit.”  As Gonzales wrote,Our primary objective was to identify factors that drive taxi demand and to understand how this varies by location and time of day. The models generated by the study can help to estimate taxi demand and provide many other useful insights.”

Joseph Goodwill, CEE Ph.D. student, was awarded a nationally competitive scholarship during the recent Annual Conference & Exposition of the American Water Works Association (AWWA), held in Boston, MA.

Dr. Eric Gonzales presented a paper titled "Macroscopic relationship between network-wide traffic emissions and fundamental properties of the network" at the Symposium Celebrating 50 Years of Traffic Flow Theory (August 11-13) in Portland, Oregon.